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2 February 2004
Protection of "Booya" wreck site extended

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Hon Marion Scrymgour MLA, Minister for Environment and HeritageThe legal protection of the “Booya” wreck site in Darwin Harbour has been extended under the Heritage Conservation Act.

Environment and Heritage Minister, Marion Scrymgour, has signed an instrument re-declaring the wreck site subject to an Interim Conservation Order (ICO).

“When the “Booya” was discovered in October 2003, the Government acted quickly to ensure the site was adequately protected, to ensure it could be properly examined without fear of interference from the public,” she said.

“The original Interim Conservation Order (ICO) was due to expire on 31 January, however I have now signed a new ICO to provide protection over the site for a further 90 days.”

The ICO under the Heritage Conservation Act ensuring severe penalties for anyone found to have interfered with the site.

Ms Scrymgour said consideration is still being given to the long-term management strategies over the site.

An Interim Management Plan is currently being prepared for the wreck site and will soon be released for public comment.

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