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06 July 2004
Richard Galton appointed DCIS CEO

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Hon Clare Martin MLA, Chief Minister

Chief Minister, Clare Martin, said today that she is pleased to announce that Richard Galton has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Corporate and Information Services (DCIS).

“Richard is currently Executive Director of Transport and Infrastructure in the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment (DIPE), a position he has held since August 2002,” she said.

“During this time he demonstrated leadership in improving communications with industry groups, government agencies and suppliers and improved financial performance - he has also introduced a more rigorous approach to strategy development and a balanced approach to resource management.

“Richard has experience as a Chief Executive Officer gained during his time with the Work Health Authority and the former Department of Sport and Recreation.

“This experience, combined with formal qualifications of Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Civil Engineering, stand him in good stead for his new role with DCIS.

“He has more than 20 years work experience in the NT Public Sector in broad ranging engineering, construction and managerial roles, including a variety of project, contract and regional manager positions within the former Department of Transport and Works.

“This lead to positions including, General Manager, Construction Agency in the former Department of Transport and Works, Assistant Secretary Housing, Department of Housing and Local Government and Chief Executive Officer of the Work Health Authority.

“Richard has spent the last 10 years in executive management positions including, Executive Director Technical, Power and Water Corporation and Director of Major Events Company.

“I am confident he will continue to provide strong leadership in the important area of providing core government services.”

DCIS is a shared services provider delivering corporate and information solutions to all NT Government agencies. DCIS also provides related services to the community in areas of archival heritage, remote telecommunications and assistance to the Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry.

Richard Galton replaces Sarah Butterworth, who commenced as CEO of DIPE on 1 July.

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