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Register to pay your bills online

Northern Territory residents can now choose to receive their licence and car registrations renewals securely and electronically via Australia Post, thanks to a new partnership with the Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR).  

Minister for Transport Peter Chandler said MyPost Digital Mailbox, from Australia Post, is a handy tool to help manage the business of everyday life.

“MyPost Digital Mailbox allows residents to receive mail, pay most of their accounts and store important documents in one convenient place,” Mr Chandler said.

“Complementing the mailbox outside a home, a digital mailbox means you can receive and pay selected bills on the go.

“The MVR partnership with Australia Post makes it even easier for customers to connect with them online.

“With a digital mailbox, you can access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world,” Mr Chandler said.

Carl Rigoni, Head of Digital Services at Australia Post said he was pleased to be working with MVR to help bring this innovative service to its customers.

“With MyPost Digital Mailbox, customers can securely access their mail, including licence and car registration renewals from MVR for free, set reminders and pay most of their accounts anytime and anywhere using a device with an internet connection, all with the touch of a button.

“MVR joins more than 40 major providers, including two NT based providers – Power and Water and the City of Darwin – to join the digital mailbox, making everyday tasks, like paying your licence and car renewal registrations, even easier," Mr Rigoni said.

 MyPost Digital Mailbox allows Australian residents to: 

•        Connect with service providers they have a relationship with – such as utilities and government entities. Current providers include Power and Water Corporation, the City of Darwin, Westpac, Virgin Velocity, Telstra, AMP and many more. 

•        Receive statements and bills, set reminders and make payments for most of your bills online, using any device with an internet connection, anywhere, anytime.

•        Handle mail on their own terms – with everything coming to one safe, convenient, secure location online.

•        Store important documents such as travel itineraries and warranties.

For businesses that already use and trust Australia Post, the system offers: 

•        A flexible range of integration options to allow businesses to connect securely to their customers through MyPost Digital Mailbox.

•        A secure digital delivery service to consumers as part of an integrated physical and digital marketing and communication platform.

“This is a great example of the commitment by the Country Liberals Government to make lives simpler and smarter for all Territorians,” Mr Chandler said.

To register for your free MyPost Digital Mailbox visit:

Media Contact: Whittney Jago: 0417 926 426