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The NT EPA launches an easier way to apply for licences

Environment Minister Gary Higgins has congratulated the independent Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) on the launch of an online system which will make it easier to apply for and manage Environment Protection Licences (EPL).

An EPL is usually required to operate a landfill or to handle listed wastes including asbestos, batteries, tyres, waste oil and sewage sludge.

“This is an excellent initiative from the NT EPA as it will help businesses enormously,” Minister Higgins said.

“Currently business must physically fill in separate forms every time they need their license re-issued based on simple amendments. They also have to manage multiple licences separately.

“It’s been an old-fashioned system which needed upgrading.

“NT EPA Online allows for licences to be managed under one account and all new, renewed or amended EPLs will be now developed through the online system.”

NT EPA Online has been designed to allow an assessment of environmental risk associated with regulated activities.  The system will gradually expand to provide similar pathways for Environment Protection Approvals, Waste Discharge Licences, and in the longer term cater for environmental impact assessments, contaminated lands management and waste tracking.

NT EPA Online is now live –


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