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Remote Education Tours get the solar edge with tourism grant

A solar powered campsite project will be developed by Remote Education Tours as a result of a $21,301 Northern Territory Government tourism infrastructure grant, Chief Minister Adam Giles announced today.

“The NT Government is committed to expanding tourism experiences in the regions and improving amenities for tourism businesses who contribute to the economic development of Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities,” Mr Giles said.

“The solar lighting will be used at the Lilla Educational Campground near Kings Canyon which hosts hundreds of interstate school children each year visiting Central Australia through Remote Tours.

“On the tours they learn about indigenous culture and support the local communities through charity and community volunteer projects whilst enjoying the magnificent Watarrka National Park.

“It’s great to be able to assist RET and founder Reg Ramsden who has been supporting our ‘back yard’ and making a real difference to people’s lives by assisting to bridge the gap between all Australians.

“Congratulations to RET for engaging with traditional custodians to carry out projects, help relieve poverty, and promote life skills in the Watarrka National Park.”

Reg Ramsden from RET said the solar campsite project will assist them into the future and give them another valuable resource to continue the growth of the tour business.

“I’d like to thank the NT Government for their assistance because having solar power at the campsite will help in a number of ways including teaching kids about renewable energy,” Mr Ramsden said.

“It will also help to save money from not having to purchase diesel fuel and enhance the visitor experience by not having a noisy generator running.

“I think it will also improve safety for visitors as lighting will be more expansive than current the coverage and support local business that will install and service the solar power infrastructure.

“RET won’t rest on our laurels and we will continue to improve our products, visitor experience, campsites and promote Indigenous culture.”

“The $4.75 million Tourism Infrastructure Development Fund is part of the Country Liberals Government’s plan to drive the development of North Australia and build a $2.2 billion visitor economy by 2020,” Mr Giles said.

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