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Labor Announces a Ministry for all Territorians

Today I announce a strong, stable and coordinated Cabinet team that will create jobs, invest in children and restore trust in Government.

This Labor Cabinet mirrors the diversity, aspirations and life experience of Territorians and is a watershed in Australian political history with over 60% of Cabinet positions now held by women.

The Labor team will immediately get down to business by implementing our election commitments and governing for all Territorians.

As Chief Minister I will drive the strategic co-ordination of our jobs, children and trust agenda with a particular focus on delivering for Territorians living remotely and in the bush.

I will also hold the portfolios of Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Aboriginal Affairs, Trade, Business and Innovation, and Northern Development.

Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison is the Treasurer, Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, and has the crucial task of Minister for Children.

Natasha Fyles is the Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Minister for Health and the Leader of Government Business.

Gerry McCarthy has the responsibility of delivering our $1.1 Billion remote housing strategy as the Minister for Housing and Community Development, has responsibility for Essential Services and is the Minister for Public Employment.

Ken Vowles has the important task of ensuring our resources and primary industry sectors continue to grow, thrive and create jobs as the Minister for Primary Industry and Resources.

Lauren Moss is the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, Minister for Tourism and Culture and the Minister for Corporate Information Services.

Eva Lawler is the Minister for Education and will immediately begin the job of reversing the CLPs savage cuts to our education system.

Dale Wakefield is the Minister for Territory Families and will be in charge of ensuring this new Department delivers on Labor’s commitment to place children at the centre of Government.

Strong, Stable and Coordinated Government

Successful organisations have boards and sub-committees with a clear focus and defined responsibilities.  My Cabinet will be structured and focused on delivering the agenda Territorians endorsed last month.

All decisions of cabinet subcommittees will need full Cabinet approval before being implemented.

Aboriginal Voice – Shared Future sub-committee of Cabinet

I will co-chair the subcommittee with my Assistant Ministers for Aboriginal Affairs Selena Uibo and Chansey Peach.

The sub-committee will focus on:

·        Delivering Labor’s plans to guarantee local decision making, particularly in housing, local government, education, health, youth justice and community safety

·        Ensuring land and sea ownership delivers on the economic and social aspirations of Indigenous Territorians

·        Progressing public discussion about a treaty with indigenous Territorians

All bush and Indigenous MLAs will sit on the sub-committee, as will senior Indigenous leaders from across the Territory.

This will ensure Indigenous Territorians have a permanent voice in Labor’s Cabinet.

Territory Children – Territory Future sub-committee of Cabinet

This sub-committee will be chaired by the Minister for Children and will include the Ministers for Health, Education, Territory Families and Housing and Community Development.

Its role is to ensure the coordination of efforts across Government to make a generational improvement in the health, wellbeing and education of Territory children.

Creating Territory Jobs sub-committee of Cabinet

This sub-committee will be chaired by the Chief Minister and includes the Treasurer, Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, the Minister for Trade, Business and Innovation and the Minister for Tourism and Culture.

Its role is to ensure Labor’s Jobs Plan is delivers a strong, growing economy for businesses and families right across the Territory.

Assistant Ministers

Every member of the Labor Caucus will play an important role in delivering our election commitments.

Assistant Ministers will work closely with their ministerial colleagues to ensure the delivery of key services and projects right across the Territory.

These Assistant Minister positions do not attract additional remuneration.

Assistant Ministry (in alphabetical order)

Ngaree Ah Kit is Assistant Minister for Suicide Prevention, Mental health and Disabilities, and the Assistant Minister for Seniors and Youth.

Jeff Collins is Assistant Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Assistant Minister for Primary Industry & Resources and will chair the Government’s small business round tables.

Lawrence Costa is Assistant Minister for Remote Health Delivery and Homelands.

Paul Kirby is Assistant Minister for our Buy Local strategy, for The Museum Master Plan and for A Vibrant Darwin CBD. Paul has also been elected Government Whip.

Scott McConnell is Assistant Minister for Remote Housing Delivery, Arts Trails and for Indigenous Tourism Participation.

Sandra Nelson is Assistant Minister for the Prevention of Family violence and Women’s Policy.

Tony Sievers is Assistant Minister for Veterans Affairs, Men’s Policy and Sports and Community Events.

Chansey Paech is Assistant Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and the Iconic Indigenous Art Gallery.  

Selena Uibo is Assistant Minister for Remote Education and Families as First Teachers, Aboriginal Affairs and Minister Assisting the Chief Minister on Statehood.

Kate Worden is Assistant Minister for Bringing Back the Arafura Games and Multicultural Affairs.

Speaker of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly

The Territory Labor caucus today determined that they will support the nomination of the Member for Goyder Kezia Purick to continue as the independent Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

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