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Government to work with industry to create certainty and transparency around environmental security bonds

Minister for Primary Industries and Resources, Ken Vowles, today announced that the Northern Territory Government will begin consultations with the mining industry and the community to improve transparency of mining securities.

Minister Vowles said the current non-disclosure policy for mining securities would remain while these consultations take place.

“We came to Government with a promise to Territorians that we would be and open and transparent,” Minister Vowles said.

“We will not make this policy on the run and look forward to a sensible conversation about how we can provide the transparency that will help ensure continuing public support for this industry that is so crucial to our economic future and jobs.

“There is currently a matter before the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal that has highlighted a government policy issue and the NT Government will consult with industry and the broader community on any future policy on mine security release.

“The NT Government supports the review by the NT CAT and will abide by any decision.”

The case before the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NT CAT) is in relation to a decision not to release the amount held as environmental security for the McArthur River Mine Site which was requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

The NT Government is unable to make further comment in relation to this case while the matter is being considered.

The Mining Management Act requires all mining operations that are likely to cause substantial disturbance to provide a security bond prior to authorisation being granted.

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