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Territory Crocodile Industry is Attracting International Attention

Minister for Primary Industry and Resources, Ken Vowles, today toured three NT crocodile farms to see enhancements made to the local crocodile farming industry.

Mr Vowles was shown around by Crocodile Farmers Association of the Northern Territory (CFANT) chairman, Mick Burns, at Janamba Crocodile Farm, Darwin Crocodile Farm and Lagoon Crocodile Farm.

"The NT Crocodile Farming Industry is the world leader in the production of premium quality saltwater crocodile skins," Mr Vowles said.

"The industry, based on premium skins, was worth approximately $25 million annually in 2014-15. It creates local employment as we are seeing in Ramingining and Maningrida with locals farming crocodiles and collecting eggs.

"The industry is positioned for further growth and the new Labor Government supports this growing Territory Industry.

Mr Volwes said the Territory Government supports the industry through research and development (to improve production efficiencies to reduce diseases in captivity and improve skin quality), by providing permits to collect eggs in the wild and by helping it meet obligations under international wildlife trade treaties.

He said the crocodile farms continue to strive to achieve the best farming practices.

"They are developing more environmentally sustainable practices with regard to water and energy use, as well as animal health and welfare," Mr Vowles said.

"The saltwater crocodile is a natural resource with enormous economic potential for the NT, in terms of export income, employment, technological innovation and economic development."

CFANT chairman, Mike Burns, said the NT Crocodile Farming Industry has a significant role to play in the on-going conservation and sustainable economic development of crocodiles.

"CFANT represents members on issues that affect the NT’s ability to grow and sustain economically, environmentally and biologically an NT farming industry; and cooperates fully with the Northern Territory Government to ensure the NT crocodile farming industry is based on uses of the wild population that are legal, sustainable and verifiable," Mr Burns said.

"We’re investing heavily in innovative research in captive breeding to improve the production and welfare best practice for crocodiles and enhance the scale pattern of skins," Mr Burns said.

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