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Big benefit for sports and jobs in the Red Centre: Budget 2017

The Territory Labor Government will invest $6.2 million into community sporting infrastructure in Alice Springs as part of Budget 2017.

Member for Braitling Dale Wakefield said decisions about how the money would be allocated would be made in consultation with the community.

“The Territory Labor Government is investing in our future - we are working with Council and the community to enhance sporting facilities and create jobs in Alice Springs," Ms Wakefield said.

“Territorians deserve a Government that always puts them first and listens and consults before taking decisive action.

“Given we are facing a tough economic climate, we need to ensure every dollar we invest into sporting infrastructure will provide the most benefit for the most number of people.

"We will work closely with Alice Springs Town Council and the community to determine what the current sporting priorities are.

“The first step will be asking Council to work with the community to update the Alice Springs Sports Masterplan as quickly as possible.

“Our $6.2 million investment will be guided by the updated Masterplan to ensure that the needs and wishes of the community drive the decision making around sporting infrastructure.

“Priority will be given to infrastructure upgrades identified in the Masterplan that benefit the greatest number of users.”

In line with this approach, the athletics track proposed for construction at Centralian Middle School will be included in the process to assess if it is a priority project for the Alice Springs sporting community.

“The previous Government rushed the announcement, design and consultation phase of the athletics track project, which has come up short in terms of what the athletics community and local residents want and need," Ms Wakefield said.

“We will take a more considered and consultative approach to determining what the sporting priorities are in Central Australia.”

Ms Wakefield also announced that the Government would contribute $600,000 towards lighting upgrades at Albrecht Oval, matching the $600,000 commitment from Council towards the lights.

“This is an important project for Alice Springs, in particular the cricket and football community. It means that more teams, including women’s and children’s teams, will be able to train and play in the cool of the evening,” she said.

“With the joint funding to light Albrecht Oval the Alice Springs Town Council can now undertake community consultation to ensure the best outcome for the Alice Springs sporting community."

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