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Don’t miss out – money available for sport grants

The Territory Labor Government offers a number of sport or active recreation grant funding programs to eligible individuals, sporting and active recreation bodies.

Assistant Minister for Sport and Community Events, Tony Sievers is encouraging Territorians to apply.

“Sport and active recreation funding programs are a really important way for us to promote physical activity and community wellbeing, and support sporting clubs and organisations,” he said.

Facility and Capital Equipment grant program

“There are only two weeks left to take advantage of up to $100,000 in funding to upgrade infrastructure or purchase capital equipment,” Mr Sievers said.

“Sport and active recreation is a way of life in the Territory, and last year the Northern Territory Government granted 24 organisations more than $1.3 million dollars for facility and/or capital equipment upgrades, and we look forward to delivering on this again this year.”

Sporting clubs and organisations can apply for the Facility and Capital Equipment grant program (FACE) which runs from 1 July 2017 up until 25 September.

Separate to FACE, organsiations and sporting clubs can also access the two below grant programs.

Grass Roots Development

The Grass Roots Development funding program is available on application year round and provides quality sporting equipment, facility repairs and opportunity for Territorians.

“The Grass Roots Development program provides up to $5,000 funding, providing opportunities to participate in sport and active recreation,” said Mr Sievers.

In 2016-2017, a total of 52 organisations received support to the value of $221,000 via the Grass Roots Development grant program.

Quick Response Program

The Quick Response program is particularly relevant to sporting and active recreation organisations, with funding of up to $10,000 available for emergency situations to replace equipment destroyed due to things like fire, flood, storm and theft or for activities that have arisen that could not have been planned for.

Palmerston Cricket Club was awarded $4,000 as part of the Quick Response grant program to replace a shade sail that was damaged in a storm during the Wet Season.

“We’re also developing individual athletes and a number of grants are available under the Quick Response program including $2,000 for professional development, $10,000 for elite Australian representation, $1,000 for general Australian representation and up to $5,000 for participation in disability events.”

To learn more, or to apply for a NT Government sport or active recreation grant, visit  or contact the Grant Coordinator on either 1800 045 678 or email 

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