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Space MOU Set to Beam Jobs to Territorians

The Territory Labor Government today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the South Australian and Australian Capital Territory Governments to grow and develop Australia’s space industry.


The MOU comes as Chief Minister Michael Gunner attends the International Astronautical Conference in Adelaide, the largest space event in the world that provides an opportunity to promote Australia’s space capabilities to global industry players.


“This is a huge industry and a growing industry and we need to make sure the Territory is ready and willing to play a role and attract the jobs that will come with that,” Mr Gunner said.


“This MOU is a significant development that will place the Territory in front of a competitive industry, partners us with the best astronautical minds in Australia, and could lead to the creation of many jobs.


“The Territory Labor Government is keen to explore opportunities and develop a space industry in the Territory – something that will complement our existing growth sectors of defence, agribusiness, energy, minerals and tourism.


“We want to continue to grow and diversity the economy within the Northern Territory through public and private investment.”


The MoU sets out a framework for the three governments to work together.


The Australian space sector currently produces annual revenues of $3-4 billion which represents only 0.8 per cent of the global space industry.


“With technology shifts driving growth in the commercial space industry, Australia has the potential to capture a greater share of the global industry and the Northern Territory can be part of this,” Mr Gunner said.


““The Northern Territory is the perfect launch site, due to our close proximity to the equator and remote locations.


“There is a process underway to establish a lease and sublease of a site in East Arnhem upon which a private sector proponent intends to develop a space port.”



The Memorandum of Understanding announcement has been made at the 68th International Austronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide.


The IAC is the world’s largest and most prestigious space meeting, this is only the second time the event has been held in Australia.


The event attracts around 4,000 space professionals, including astronauts, heads of space agencies, engineers, scientist and innovators.


This event is a great opportunity to promote Australia’s space capabilities and renewed commitment as a global player in the space industry.

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