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Restoring Trust: Electoral Reform Discussion Paper Released

In another step towards restoring trust in government and delivering on an election promise, Chief Minister Michael Gunner today released an Electoral Reform Discussion Paper to make our democratic system more open and accountable.

Mr Gunner said Territorians have three months to have their voice heard on how their elections are run.

The Discussion paper will include six main reform areas:

  1. The voting system

  2. Using modern technologies to vote (electronic voting)

  3. Enrolment

  4. Election canvassing (including the 100 meter barrier)

  5. Electoral boundaries

  6. The appointment of statutory officials

“The Territory Labor Government came to office on the promise of restoring trust after four years of CLP chaos and infighting - this is why we want to hear your views on how your elections are run,” Mr Gunner said.

”A good electoral system is one that works well for Territorians, is transparent and most importantly, fair for voters and candidates.”

Mr Gunner said a focus of this discussion paper is how to increase voter participation and how to make it easier and more convenient for people to cast their ballot – in particular Territorians living remotely.

“Remote Aboriginal people are participating in the electoral process less and less, and I want to understand that and find ways we can improve voter turnout in the bush,” he said.

“I want good public discussion from experts and locals alike to see what we can do in this space and give more people a voice.”

Mr Gunner said the Discussion Paper would not cover anything to do with campaign finance and donations. This will be covered in the Territory Labor Government’s Political Donations Inquiry, led by Justice Mansfield, and any recommendations following from that report will be dealt with separately.

On top of the Discussion paper, Territorians can also fill out a survey at

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