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Turbocharging Tourism: SMART Marketing with Airlines to Attract Visitors

A much greater focus will be placed on cooperative marketing with key domestic and international airlines following yesterday’s record $103 million Turbocharging Tourism stimulus package.

Minister for Tourism and Culture, Lauren Moss, said $26.57 million for SMART marketing is a key part of the overall package, including $10.85 million to work with airlines. 

“We must attract more visitors to create local jobs and put money into the pockets of Territorians – we have listened to business and taken action during this tough economic period,” she said.

“This marketing boost will also strengthen the viability of established air-routes and increase demand to establish new routes and attract new carriers.”

The $26.57 million SMART marketing boost includes:

Ms Moss said Government has prioritised campaigns to bolster business and leisure travel in key domestic and international source markets (ie: USA and Europe), as well as potential markets in Asia.

“Singapore will become more of a strategic focus as it’s a major international hub and a critical air-route for the Territory, providing key one-stop connections for Asian, Sub-Continent and European travellers. We will do cooperative marketing with airlines that link through Singapore and to people living there, and the surrounding regions, encouraging them to visit,” she said.

“We are also working closely with Donghai Airlines, who intend to launch the first ever direct China-Territory service, and other Chinese carriers may follow. The new marketing spend allows us to promote the NT as a leisure and business events destination and attract more Chinese visitors.” 

The $103M Turbocharging Tourism stimulus package also includes $56.24 million for tourism infrastructure and $20.78 million to develop existing events and festivals.

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*SMART marketing refers to marketing that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. Through Turbocharging Tourism, we will use the SMART approach to make sure every dollar we spend is having maximum impact.