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Local Arts Community Show Support for Anzac Hill Precinct as the Site for the National Aboriginal Art Gallery

Members of the Alice Springs art community have come forward in support of the Anzac Hill Precinct as the preferred site for the National Aboriginal Art Gallery. 

The Art Gallery will be a public space for people to celebrate, view and experience the most extensive collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art from across the nation. Members of the local arts community are supportive of this significant gallery taking pride of place in the heart of Alice Springs, the CBD. 

The local team has met and engaged with over 40 representatives from the arts sector in Alice Springs, with additional meetings scheduled across the next two weeks. There were initial concerns about the project but that was alleviated once it was made clear that the purpose of the Art Gallery was to establish Alice Springs as a must-visit destination in the eyes of the art world. 

On top of the engagement with the local arts community, 30 meetings have taken place with national and state galleries, and museums. The meetings were held to discuss and explore a range of partnership options that include artwork loans, development of exhibitions, and sector development which includes building workforce capacity for Indigenous art workers. 

Quotes from Member for Braitling, Dale Wakefield

“Alice Springs is the rightful home of the National Aboriginal Art Gallery. We want to share Australia’s Aboriginal history and culture through the lens of art, to the rest of the world right here in Alice Springs.

“The Art Gallery will be a public gallery that will not only bring visitors to Alice Springs, but it will also be there for locals to experience. The Art Gallery will complement other galleries in Alice Springs, and it will create visitor dispersal and flow-on economic benefits to regional art centres and other businesses.”

Quotes from Minister for Tourism & Culture, Lauren Moss

“The National Aboriginal Art Gallery is the centrepiece of our Indigenous Arts Trail, and it will be a globally significant Australia-wide art collection from the world’s oldest continuous culture brought together under one roof.

“The Gallery will transform and revitalise Alice Springs and act as a drawcard for national and international tourists. 

“Attracting thousands of visitors to town every year, it will create flow-on benefits for the local art industry, create hundreds of construction and ongoing jobs, support local businesses and open up new and exciting economic opportunities for Red Centre residents.”

Quotes from Cecilia Alfonso, Manager of Warlukurlangu – Artists of Yuendumu 

“Aboriginal art is what this town is famous for. I’ve been looking forward to having a National Aboriginal Art Gallery in Alice Springs since it was proposed. The impact of this art gallery on local businesses would be positive.

“I’ve always been a big supporter of the Anzac Hill Precinct site personally because I think that it will help revitalise the town centre. If we didn’t have it centrally located, it would be a missed opportunity for the town. 

“Like many other places around the world, an institution of this nature that’s built locally helps to revitalise the entire town. I am very committed to Alice Springs. It is my town and I want to see it thrive and grow in a positive way.”

Quotes from Kate Podger, Director of Talapi 

“We get a lot of visitors who come to Alice Springs that hadn’t planned to come here for the art and culture, and often the feedback we get is that they would have stayed longer if they had known about the richness of our art and culture.  

“It would be brilliant to have a National Aboriginal Art Gallery in Alice Springs because it’s about celebrating Aboriginal culture and showcasing this magnificent culture and diversity to the rest of the world. 

“The works that will be exhibited in the National Aboriginal Art Gallery will come from national institutions and it would be far more accessible for locals to enjoy and experience, than it would be if it was located in Melbourne, Sydney or another major city.”

Quotes from Cy Starkman, General Manager of Red Hot Arts

“The proposed site, the Anzac Hill Precinct, is absolutely critical to reap the economic benefits that would be delivered to businesses and venues across town. 

“The Anzac Hill Precinct will create a central location that visitors can disperse from. Its close proximity to the Totem Theatre can create beneficial linkages with other arts shows and further grow capacity.” 

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