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The Territory, Boundless Possible

The Territory Labor Government has unveiled a new Masterbrand to shift outside perceptions of the NT and encourage people to invest, do business, live and work here.


The new name and tagline is: The Territory, Boundless Possible and it features a full narrative, look and feel to reposition the NT.


 The Masterbrand was developed by the Internationally-recognised, award-winning brand specialist The Royals who teamed up with the Territory’s Boab Design and market research company McGregor Tan.


The Territory, Boundless Possible will work in conjunction with the Population Growth Strategy (being launched on Wednesday) to help boost our population, drive economic growth and create jobs.


McGregor Tan’s research found that one of the greatest challenges was to bust the myths that the Territory was hot, dry, masculine, isolated, tough and lacking in opportunities.


It also found a cohort of more than 2 million Australians they refer to as “Committed Opportunists’’ who are open to living, working and investing in the Territory. This group will now be targeted through campaigns running over a two-year period.


The Territory, Boundless Possible has a look and feel like no other brand ever used to position the Territory, encompassing:


An initial campaign will be launched to raise awareness solely within the NT because locals are the key ambassadors to help encourage people and businesses to consider the Territory as a place of opportunity.


The Territory, Boundless Possible will then be launched internationally at the Reaching South to the Territory trade mission in Shenzhen, China later this month, followed by a national launch at the Facing North business mission in Canberra.

A dedicated team has also been established to oversee and encourage the use of the brand across both public and private sectors, engage with stakeholders and manage brand development, marketing and communication initiatives.


For further information or to find the tools and guidelines go to


Quotes attributable to Chief Minister Michael Gunner


“The Territory Labor Government’s number one priority is creating local jobs. Attracting more people to live in the Territory means more jobs.


“We want to show the world that the Territory is a land of opportunity, but to unlock the full potential of Northern Australia – to create jobs and attract people - we need to put the modern Territory story forward.


“We have got to reset the Territory’s image, change perceptions and encourage more people to invest, do business, live and work here.


“The Territory, Boundless Possible is like no other brand historically used to reposition the Territory.


“The story behind it is about changing perceptions, not only in living rooms around Australia, but in the halls of Federal Parliament, in offices, in boardrooms - from Sydney to Singapore.”




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