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Cutting Crime and Investing in Generational Change: New Legislation to Target Secondary Supply

The Territory Labor Government is cutting crime and creating a better future for children with the passing of new legislation today to help Police target the secondary supply of alcohol.

We are tackling alcohol-related harm by introducing some of the most comprehensive alcohol policy and legislation reforms in the nation.

The Liquor Amendment Bill 2018 increases the powers of Police and the Liquor Commission by: 

This builds on measures introduced last year to target alcohol-related crime and antisocial behaviour, such as powers allowing the Commissioner of Police to place a 48-hour suspension on licensed venues deemed to be irresponsibly selling alcohol and increasing penalties for secondary supply.

Quotes from Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Natasha Fyles:

“The Territory Labor Government is tackling crime and antisocial behaviour with a suite of measures, and increasing Police powers to address the secondary supply of alcohol is a major step forward in stopping the illegal flow of alcohol to people on the BDR.

“These additional powers give police more flexibility when it comes to dealing with the issue of secondary supply, which puts Territorians and communities at risk.

“Recent research from the Menzies School of Health Research shows the social and economic cost of alcohol-related harm in the NT had risen from $642 million in 2009 to $1.386 billion in 2015/16. 

“This cost to our society – and to the taxpayer - is unacceptable and this Government will continue to tackle alcohol-fuelled antisocial behaviour and crime.”

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Corrected: $1.386 million to $1.386 billion