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Turbocharging Tourism: Research Shows International Visitors On The Rise

The Territory Labor Government’s Turbocharging Tourism initiative is working to grow our economy, with the latest figures from Tourism Research Australia showing international visitor numbers up by 4.2 per cent for the year to March 2019.

Some 297,000 international visitors came to the Territory during the year, spending $473 million, which is an 18 per cent increase on the previous year.  Most of the visitors came here for holidays, but the numbers also include business travellers and those visiting friends and relatives.

The figures include a 6.5 per cent increase in visitors from the USA, the Territory’s largest international market, reflecting additional investment in US-specific campaigns.  Japanese visitors recorded the biggest increase, with visitor numbers up 55 per cent, while visitors from China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) were up 48 per cent.

In good news for the Territory’s hotel accommodation, the number of international visitors staying in hotels, resorts and motels increased by 12 per cent.

Turbocharging Tourism is providing a critical boost to the Territory economy by ensuring the Territory brand is well represented in the highly competitive global tourism market.  These latest figures show the increased investment and focus is starting to pay off, with international visitor numbers on the rise, injecting more money into the local economy and supporting thousands of local businesses and jobs.

Quotes from Minister for Tourism, Sport and Culture, Lauren Moss:

“The Territory Labor Government is investing in our tourism sector through Turbocharging Tourism and TURBO2 to create jobs for Territorians.

“The data released by Tourism Research Australia in March showed an increase in international visitor numbers for the year ending December 2018, and we have seen another increase with these latest figures, including an increase in international holiday visitors.  

“However, there is still more to be done.  This growth is not being experienced across all regions or sectors of the industry, and we continue to work together to drive visitation across the Territory.

Turbocharging Tourism is the biggest investment in tourism ever made by any Territory Government, and we have already surpassed our target of 53 000 extra holiday visitors, with more than 60 000 extra bookings injecting an estimated $75 million-plus into the economy so far.

“These are holiday visitors who are coming as a direct result of our Turbocharging Tourism investment.

“Building on this momentum, we have invested a further $62.8 million in a TURBO2 package over two years. This will be used to boost domestic and international marketing, support our major events and community festivals, enhance visitor experiences and help tourism operators improve visitor experiences.”

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