Northern Territory Government Newsroom

Media Statement on Coronavirus

Today I met with the Prime Minister and other State and Territory leaders to consider the impacts of the coronavirus throughout Australia.  

We agreed to form a National Cabinet to coordinate a national response to the coronavirus outbreak. The National Cabinet will meet weekly to take advice and coordinate action so we can do all we can to contain and manage the spread of the virus. 

COAG also considered evidence of increased transmission of the virus throughout other parts of Australia, as well as disruptions to the international supply chain for medical equipment.

While the spread of the virus continues to be low, Australia’s Chief Health and Medical Officers have recommended that, from Monday, governments advise against organised, non-essential gatherings of 500 or more people. 

This does not include essential gatherings such as going to school, university, work, public transport or airports.

The National Cabinet will meet again on Sunday to consider more advice on implementation, before making further announcements.

In the Territory, there continues to be only one positive case, and no community spread of the virus. 

This is about being ahead of the game.

We are being prepared and cautious to ensure the risk to Territorians is as low as possible.

We are working around the clock to protect Territorians from the economic and health impacts of this crisis.

We will continue to act swiftly and take the action that is needed to protect Territorians.

In tough times, Territorians stick together. I know that’s what we’ll keep doing.


Media Contact: Maria Billias 0401 119 746