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Working together on blue mud bay

The Northern Territory Government is committed to working together with all stakeholders affected by the Blue Mud Bay High Court ruling.


Chief Minister Paul Henderson today met with the Northern Land Council, Tiwi Land Council, Anindilyakwa Land Council and representatives from the fisheries industry including the Seafood Council, NT Guided Fishing Industry and AFANT.


Mr Henderson said the Government has begun the process of negotiating with all stakeholders to work towards an agreement between the parties.


“We want to facilitate a negotiated outcome which respects the rights of Traditional Owners and recognises the importance of fishing for all Territorians,” Mr Henderson said.


“Today I was pleased to receive a report from a New Zealand fact finding delegation which set out to look closely at the Maori involvement in New Zealand fisheries.


“The report is an indication of the spirit of cooperation between the parties and is beneficial to negotiating an agreement in the Territory.


“We hope to build on the experience of New Zealand to develop a Fisheries Management Framework in the Territory which incorporates greater Indigenous involvement.


“Already the Territory’s Indigenous marine rangers are doing fantastic work and they will play a greater role in the management of our fisheries.


“The Territory Government will establish more ranger units across the Top End beginning with a new Marine Ranger unit on the Cox Peninsula.


“Fishing is a great part of the Territory lifestyle for Indigenous and non Indigenous Territorians. 


“We are committed to reaching an outcome which recognises the cultural importance of tidal waters for Traditional owners and allows recreational fishers continued access to waterways without individual permits.


 “The Government is also committed to negotiating a Fisheries Management Framework which meets the needs of both commercial fishers and Traditional land owners.”



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