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NT Government to discuss medical marijuana

Minister for Health Robyn Lambley has announced that the Northern Territory Government will discuss the idea of legalising medical marijuana in the NT.

“The issue of legalising medicinal marijuana has hit national headlines in recent days,” Mrs Lambley said.

“Politicians from both sides of the major parties in several states have publicly expressed support for introducing legislation to access marijuana for medical purposes.

“In recent weeks, my office has also received many letters calling on the Northern Territory to consider legalising medical marijuana.

“Territorians have also approached me in the street as the Minister for Health, calling on our Government to consider introducing the change.

“Due to this interest, I will be taking this issue to Cabinet as a matter of priority to reach a policy position.

“In 2010, the National Drug Strategy Household Survey found that 70 per cent of respondents in the Territory supported the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

“Almost 75% of Territorians said they would support a clinical trial for people to use marijuana to treat medical conditions.

“It is believed that medical marijuana can assist with certain medical conditions.

“However, we also need more quality research in this area, as there are unique and specific issues for us to consider in the Territory.

“Any proposal that supported the introduction of medical marijuana in the NT would have to be mindful of the issues associated with illegal marijuana use and its associated harm in the Territory community.

“It would have to have strict parameters that would need to be put into place for its medically approved availability.

“I look forward to discussing this with my colleagues and receiving more feedback from the community.”

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