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Eva Lawler

Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics

Media Release

Creating Greater Transportation Accessibility for all Territorians

15 March 2022

All Territorians deserve access to reliable and accessible transportation.

The Territory Labor Government has made changes to how our commercial passenger vehicle industry will continue to run in the Territory following a review last year.

A report released today outlines several recommendations aimed at supporting the government’s work in providing a competitive and efficient taxi industry which meets the needs of the community.

A key outcome of the report is the increase in the number of wheelchair accessible taxis on Territory roads through a progressive expansion of the number of taxi licenses for wheelchair accessible vehicles.

To do this, the Territory Labor Government will offer $15,000 grants to help taxi operators meet the cost of upgrading vehicles to be wheelchair accessible.

Pressure on taxi wait times will also be eased with the removal of the cap on taxi licence numbers in Darwin and Alice Springs in a staged approach over five years. This will be managed by releasing a set number of taxi licences in Darwin and Alice Springs each year over the next five years via a ballot.

Other recommendations to be implemented include:

ensuring equity of service of wheelchair accessible taxis with the introduction of key performance indicators, sanctions and increased compliance;removing the high occupancy tariff and multiple hire rates to reduce confusion for passengers about how rates are calculated and overcharged;increased training for drivers to improve the safety of passengers in wheelchairs;improving vehicle cosmetics for passengers through the introduction of core cosmetic requirements; andimproving complaint reporting systems.

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics will commence engaging and working with industry and stakeholders to implement recommendations by re-establishing the CPV forums across the Territory.

For more information or to read the full report and all recommendations visit []

Quotes from the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Eva Lawler:

“The Territory Labor Government wants to make sure our public transport, ridesharing, and taxis are accessible for all Territorians.

“Work is underway to implement most of the recommendations of the Commercial Vehicle Passenger review. The review examined the quality of services being delivered to the public, including the disability sector, and made recommendations aimed at ensuring the Northern Territory has a modern, customer focused commercial passenger vehicle industry, with high quality services being delivered to the disability sector.

“By offering $15,000 to taxi operators to upgrade their vehicles to be wheelchair accessible, we are giving more Territorians more options in the transportation they take.

“It is a focus of Government to enable reliable and safe transport options, including taxis, to all Territorians and visitors, including those members of the community reliant on wheelchair accessibility.”

Northern Territory Government

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