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Creating Jobs to Infinity and Beyond: NT Space Strategy Launched

Office of the Chief Minister

The Northern Territory is a step closer to being part of the trillion dollar international space industry with the launch of the Territory Labor Government’s space strategy.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner has launched Territory Space Industry 2020 with Dr Megan Clark, head of the Australian Space Agency.

The strategy outlines the government’s plans to grow the Territory’s space industry, create jobs and connect local businesses to the global space economy which is expected to grow to US$1 trillion by 2030.

Territory Space Industry 2020 was developed in conjunction with business, industry, Charles Darwin University and associated organisations as well as traditional owners. It sets out four key focus areas for development:

  •         Building knowledge, awareness and enthusiasm for the Territory space sector.
  •         Supporting space project proponents and attracting new activities.
  •        Supporting a national approach to growing the Australian economy.
  •       Increasing community engagement with space. The space industry has the potential to contribute to a more vibrant economy, including enhancing other industries such as defence, agribusiness, energy and minerals, and tourism.

Consumers need space technology for GPS and satellite TV, and it plays a role in bushfire protection, weather monitoring and providing essential services to the public.

Activity in the global space industry also includes manufacturing, launch and operation of satellites and obtaining data from satellites and spacecraft for use by commercial organisations such as pay TV and mobile phone companies, as well as civilian space agencies, defence and national security agencies, universities and research institutes.

Equatorial Launch Australia is already working through the required regulatory processes to establish Australia’s first commercial launch facility in East Arnhem.

In 2017, the Territory Government signed a MOU with the SA and ACT Governments to support the growth of the Australian Space Industry. An MOU between the NT Government and the Australian Space Agency is also being developed.

To find out more about, or to get a copy of Territory Space Industry 2020, visit

Quotes from Chief Minister Michael Gunner

“With technology shifts driving growth in the commercial space industry, Australia has the potential to capture a greater share of the global industry and the Northern Territory can certainly be part of this.

 We are perfectly positioned to benefit from the space economy as our proximity to the equator makes it easier for rockets to move outside Earth’s gravitational pull, saving fuel. We’re not prone to earthquakes. We’re close to the sea and sparsely populated areas, and we have good weather.

“The prospect of a growing space industry is an exciting one. It will provide jobs for the future, create additional revenue streams and investment.”

 Quote from Head of Australian Space Agency Dr Megan Clark

“The Australian Space Agency has been tasked by the Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, the Hon Karen Andrews to engage with the States and Territories on investment opportunities to transform and grow Australia’s space industry.

“The Agency welcomes the momentum that is building in Northern Australia to assess opportunities for growth in the space sector.”

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