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Supporting our Screen Industry: 2019/20 Screen Territory Grants Program Round 3 Recipients Announced

Office of the Chief Minister

Eleven Territory screen practitioners and film houses will receive grant funding through Round 3 of the 2019/20 Screen Territory Grants Program to showcase the uniqueness of the Territory and help support the sector as we rebound from the impacts of COVID-19.

The Territory Labor Government continues to invest in the NT screen industry by creating and supporting jobs through the Screen Territory Grants Program, which is expanding opportunities for Territory practitioners and providing greater career advancement for our local talent.

Four unique projects will share in $53 000 in Project Development funding:

  • ‘Critical Care & Trauma Response’ – Exposure Productions

  • ‘The Inventors’ – Moogie Down Productions

  • ‘Nosepeg: King of the Pintubi’ – Chili Films

  • ‘The Longest Walk’ – Steph Lady

Six experienced and emerging practitioners across the Territory will also share $29 800 in Seed Funding to explore the potential of creative ideas through story development.

  • ‘The Immaculate Misconception’ – Marie Munkara

  • ‘The Long Journey’ – Global Headquarters Pty Ltd

  • ‘Outback Zoo’ – Expanded Media

  • ‘Creepy Crawlies’ – Anna Kristina Miers

  • ‘Space Robots of the Forgotten Future’ – Odd Tale Productions Pty Ltd

  • ‘Célibataire’ – Biddy O’Loughlin

Cordell Jigsaw Productions will receive $20 000 in Production Finance for the project ‘Honey Ant Dreamers’, an historical feature based on the life of school teacher Geoff Bardon, who arrived in Papunya in the 1970s and encountered an innovative Western Desert art movement that would later introduce the world to ‘dot painting’. 

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Quotes from Minister for Tourism, Sport and Culture, Lauren Moss:

“The Territory Labor Government’s $9 million investment over four years has accelerated the development of our screen sector, creating jobs and significant economic returns with a strong international creative impact as more local productions are being produced.

“By supporting the growth of local practitioners and businesses, the sector is developing distinctive Territory screen stories capable of reaching and engaging audiences from all over the world, generating further investment into the Territory economy.

“As the community rebuilds from the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that visitors will once again come to immerse themselves in our culture and experience the vast, beautiful landscapes and unique canvas of the Territory.”

Quotes from Steph Lady, Project Development funding recipient:

“My Indigenous writing partner Travis Akbar and I are pleased and excited to receive story development funding for ‘The Longest Walk’.

“This amazing story of dedicated missionaries leading 92 indigenous children from the coast of Arnhem Land to Alice Springs during WW2 has been called ‘One of Australia’s greatest stories of love and compassion' and this support will go a long ways toward bringing the story to the screen.”

Quote from Biddy O’Loughlin, Seed Funding recipient:

“I'm very grateful for Screen Territory's support to work on my first feature film script. This development grant means more than just money for emerging writers like myself, it is encouragement that someone believes in your talents."

Media Contact: Lisa Sennett 0436 929 858

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