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Restoring Territorians’ Trust and Delivering an Election Promise: New Planning Amendment Bill

Office of the Chief Minister

The Territory Labor Government has delivered a key election commitment, in restoring the integrity and confidence in the Northern Territory’s Planning System with today’s passing of the Planning Amendment Bill 2020.

The Bill establishes a transparent and accountable planning system by:

  • Improving definitions of planning scheme components and how they may influence decisions;
  • More clearly defining responsibilities of individuals and bodies;
  • Introducing new timeframes at key decision points; and
  • Introducing requirements to notify applicants and submitters.

Importantly, the reform of the planning system will ensure future planning policies are developed in consultation with the community.

This is in direct contrast to the former CLP Government that eroded public trust through a plethora of controversial decisions around rezoning’s, developments and subdivisions.


Quotes from the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Eva Lawler:

“The Territory Labor Government has delivered a key election promise after the previous CLP government showed their disrespect to the community by treating the planning system with disdain.

“The amendments to the Planning Act will deliver a modern planning system that is more efficient, understandable and accessible- and importantly has increased transparency and accountability.”

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