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COVID-19 Testing Station Now Available at Truck Central

Office of the Chief Minister

Supporting our freight industry during the COVID-19 pandemic has never been more important.

Our truck drivers and freight suppliers have been paramount in making sure Australia and the Territory continue to receive the goods and services they need, and that our supply chains remain open in a COVID-safe manner.

To support the transport and freight industry, the Northern Territory Government has partnered with the Australian Government to establish a COVID-19 testing centre at the Road Train Assembly Area at Truck Central.

This facility is specifically for the freight industry to ensure ongoing compliance with the national Enforceable Code for freight. It allows drivers to comply with the seven-day rolling COVID testing requirements when working in the Territory.

The Territory Government remains committed to ensuring freight reaches Territory shelves in a safe and efficient way.

Testing is currently available free of charge with the use of a Medicare Card at the Truck Central facility for freight and transport operators. Testing is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am – 12pm.

This modern facility, is strategically located near East Arm and is the first stop the trucking industry uses prior to meeting their delivery location.

When COVID-19 hit the Territory Labor Government worked fast to support our freight industry.

An immediate $2 million support package was injected into our aviation industry making sure essential goods and services were accessible to our regional and remote communities.

The Northern Territory Government also worked with the Australian Government to allow exemptions for roadhouses, dedicated truck stop facilities and truck driver lounges to remain open so Australia’s heavy vehicle drivers had access to restrooms and facilities to undertake their mandated fatigue management breaks, and to make sure supplies were hitting Territory shelves.

The continuation of these services means there are jobs for Territorians, as well as ensuring essential freight and services are making their way to these communities when needed. 


Quotes from the Minister for Health, Natasha Fyles:

“2020 is the year none of us expected, but a year the NT has truly stood up and led in relation to our COVID-19 response.

“We’re the safest place in Australia and we will continue to be safe with an increase of testing.

“Testing is now available at Truck Central making sure our essential workers who have been making Australia and the Territory proud get the health care they need.” 


Quotes from the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Eva Lawler:

“Our freight industry has never been more important. During this time our trucking service and remote airline services have been vital in making sure goods and services reach each corner of the NT.

“This new facility improves access for industry and supports getting the essentials out to the community quicker and more efficiently – especially during COVID-19. Now with testing available Truck Central has become a one stop shop for our truck drivers.  

“The Territory Labor Government, acted quickly when it came to securing our freight services and making sure our essential personnel could access parts of the Territory. This funding also made sure local jobs were saved.”


Media Contacts

Minister Fyles: Hannah West 0436 641 108 

Minister Lawler: Jasmine Roussos 0439 003 248