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Bumper Year: Record Number of NTCET Completers in 2020

Office of the Chief Minister

Despite the challenges of 2020 due to COVID-19, Territory year 12 students have defied the odds with a record number of students receiving their NT Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET).

A total of 1610 students will be awarded their NTCET this year, up 156 on last year.

267 of the recipients are Aboriginal students from across the Northern Territory, which is an increase of 40 on 2019.  This is the highest number in the history of the NTCET.

Laura Chapman from Darwin High School has achieved the Northern Territory’s highest marks, recording an ATAR of 99.85 and a university aggregate of 88.85.

The top Aboriginal student, Georgia Kyranis, also from Darwin High School, recorded an ATAR of 96.30 and a university aggregate of 82.45.

A total of 49 A+ Merits were obtained by 41 students from 11 Territory schools, including one student who took Arrernte Language studies.

The Top 20 completers came from six NT schools, 11 of which were from Darwin High School.

Four students in the Top 20 hailed from the Essington School, while Casuarina Senior College and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College each had two students. O’Loughlin Catholic College and St Phillip’s College each had one.

The 2020 Top 20 NT Students are:

  • Laura Chapman - Darwin High School
  • Omar Mir - The Essington School
  • Andrew Savvas - Darwin High School
  • Benjamin Kievit - Darwin High School
  • Hannah Kwon - Darwin High School
  • Mia Hardcastle - The Essington School
  • Kieran Lelis - St Phillip’s College
  • Otto Blum - Darwin High School
  • Nuhansi Wijesinghe - Darwin High School
  • Ziyu Qin - Darwin High School
  • Jarrod Li-Hunnam - Darwin High School
  • Atish Ajaykumar - Darwin High School
  • Basil Tom - The Essington School
  • Tan Thanh Thai - Casuarina Senior College
  • Tjina Stoll - Casuarina Senior College
  • Hannah Evans - Darwin High School
  • Jack Van Der Geest Hester - OLSH Catholic College
  • Shaun Thomas - Darwin High School
  • Kayley Palmer - The Essington School
  • Shawn Bett - OLSH Catholic College
  • Tara Innes - O’Loughlin Catholic College

Note: The 2020 Top 20 student’s list features 21 students as the 20th position was filled by two students with the exact same ATAR. 

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education, Lauren Moss:

“2020 has been a challenging year, but Territory kids know resilience and the hard work and dedication of all our year 12 students has paid off.

“The Territory Labor Government has made it a priority to invest in our children, and record NTCET completion numbers are testament to this investment paying off.

“Having 1,610 students receive an NTCET, and 40 additional aboriginal students on last year’s results complete their NTCET is an indication of the amount of hard work our students have put in.

“It is also a testament to the efforts of our quality teachers and support staff who have worked tirelessly to assist our Year 12 students to achieve these outstanding results.”

Media contact: Hannah West 0436 641 108

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