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Protecting our Parks: 30 Year Masterplan

Office of the Chief Minister

The Northern Territory’s world-renowned parks attract millions of visitors, and to ensure this remains the case for years to come, the Territory Labor Government is developing a new Masterplan.

The Masterplan will provide a clear vision for the future of the Territory’s parks and reserves from 2022 – 2052. 

It will map out ways to enhance visitor enjoyment and community engagement, as well as exploring new business and economic opportunities.

Preserving the Territory’s natural landscapes and cultural values will also be front and centre for the Masterplan.

The Territory Economic Reconstruction’s final report recognises our parks as the backbone of the tourism industry, and a key component for the Territory’s economic comeback. It recommended implementing a 10 year plan to further activate the Territory parks estate.

The Masterplan will build upon this, and provide a clear pathway for the future management of Territory parks and reserves for the next three decades.

Feedback from Territorians is encouraged, with a discussion paper to gather information about what locals want from their parks, and how the Government can work to meet these aspirations.

The Territory’s protected area estate encompasses 85 parks, reserves and other areas managed for conservation.

On average, there are around 3.5 million visits to these areas annually.  

A draft Masterplan will be released in November, with the final publication due for July 2022.


Quotes from Minister for Parks and Rangers, Selena Uibo:

“Territorians love getting out and about in our many parks and reserves – and this is what makes our lifestyle so unique.

“It is important for the Territory’s future that we protect and preserve our parks, which are home to more than 65,000 years of cultural heritage.

“This Masterplan will allow us to conserve and protect our pristine environments, while building upon our tourism strengths, and exploring new opportunities for economic development.

“I encourage Territorians to share their thoughts on this important project.”