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Strong schools mean good student outcomes

This week schools across the Territory have final details of their budgets for the year, which includes their share of Labor’s $124 million re-investment into education.

Education Minister Eva Lawler said the Labor’s Government’s investment of extra money for Territory government schools will make a real difference for students.

“As part of our four-year $124 million re-investment package we are injecting an extra $20 million a year directly into Territory schools to use in ways that best suit the educational needs of their students, whether that is in the form of extra staff or improved learning programs.

Ms Lawler today visited Arlparra School, which has received $350,000 more for its 2017 budget than it would have  under the CLP.

“Arlparra School will spend its additional funding on students in its early years and its VET stream.

“Our funding boost means each student in Arlparra School will have $1000 more spent on their education in 2017 than in 2016.

“This is a great example of what our re-investment in education means at the grass roots level.

“This Government is directing funding to where it is needed most. More funding is going to schools with pre-school and secondary students, students in homelands, and schools with high concentrations of Indigenous students.

“Arlparra School is experiencing student growth and we want this to continue through strong beginnings and supporting pathways to employment and further studying.

“We know the cost of delivering education in the bush is more expensive than in our urban towns.

“If we are to give every child the same opportunities to be successful, then we need to ensure they have a quality education and that our schools are resourced to deliver this,” Ms Lawler said.

Ms Lawler visited Arlparra School, about 150km north-east of Alice Springs,  as part of community Cabinet.

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