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Parliament 2018 - Starting With Safer Communities & Trust

The Territory Labor Government will focus the first sittings of Parliament for 2018 on building safer communities and restoring trust.

The Leader of Government Business Natasha Fyles said legislation to re-establish an NT Liquor Commission will be introduced to Parliament this week. Legislation to support the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) will also be debated.

“Territorians deserve safe and vibrant communities and the government will implement a raft of new alcohol legislation throughout the year to deliver that,” Ms Fyles said.

“Too much of the violence, crime and antisocial behavior we see on our streets is fuelled by alcohol, it’s unacceptable and we’re tackling it head on.”

Minister Fyles said the Territory Labor Government is bringing back the Liquor Commission to restore trust and transparency.

“This is a key finding of the recent Alcohol Policy and Legislation Review (Riley Review) that provided 220 recommendations to government,” she said.

“We are taking clear steps to develop a coordinated and evidence based approach to alcohol harm reduction and this legislation to establish an NT Liquor Commission is the first in a suite of measures that will be implemented throughout 2018.”

A detailed response to the Riley Review is expected to be released later this month, but work has already begun towards implementing the recommendations with government:

Minister Fyles said Parliament will also debate important ICAC legislation that modernises offences relating to government corruption, helping to deter corruption and increase government accountability.

“The Territory Labor Government has no tolerance for criminality or corruption in government and one of our core election commitments was to restore trust after four years of CLP chaos,” Attorney-General Natasha Fyles said.

The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (Consequential And Related Amendments) Bill was introduced in October last year and is expected to pass parliament this week, ensuring that law enforcement will have the powers to prosecute any corruption uncovered by the new ICAC.


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