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New Laws to Right Past Wrongs: Creating pathways to Expunge Historical Convictions for Consensual Homosexual Relations

The Territory Labor Government has introduced to Parliament new legislation to allow Territorians to have their past convictions for consensual homosexual relations expunged.

The Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Natasha Fyles said this is an important step towards righting the past wrongs inflicted on the Territory’s homosexual community.

“Territorians want and deserve a government they can trust – one that legislates for the safety and inclusion of all Territorians,” she said.

“Consensual Homosexual sex was a crime in the Territory up until 1984.

“Across the Territory and the Nation we recognise that legislation was wrong, but some people still hold a criminal record from that time.”

Minister Fyles said the Territory Labor Government has listened to concerns and taken action introducing to Parliament the Expungement of Historical Homosexual Offence Records Bill 2018.

This creates an expungement scheme, through which a person can apply to have their historical homosexual criminal records expunged,” she said.

“One of the main objectives of the Bill is to address the historical impacts of stigmatisation and discrimination so authorised people will be able to apply on behalf of a deceased person.”

The Bill:

Under the changes Territorians will be able to apply to the CEO of the Department of Attorney-General and Justice to have their historical homosexual criminal convictions or charges expunged.

The Bill is expected to be debated in Parliament in the May sittings.

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