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NT Creative in Residence Program Announced

Four Territory artists will share in $90,000 as part of the Territory Labor Government’s creative residencies program hosted at the Araluen Arts Centre, the NT Library and the NT Archives Services. 

Minister for Tourism and Culture, Lauren Moss congratulated the recipients and said the program increases access and professional development opportunities for artists in the NT. 

The successful artists are: 

The Creative in Residence program provides artists with key funding to explore the cultural venues and their collections to create new work and experiences for the Territory community. 

The three residency hosts will work with the selected artists to see first-hand how cultural collections can inspire new art works and experiences for visitors.

Creative in Residence recipient, Melanie Robson, commenced her residency on 1 August 2018 at the Araluen Arts Precinct and was excited about the opportunity to draw on Araluen’s extensive 2D and 3D works to explore the different ways we experience and represent place. 

The public an opportunity to see the works in progress with completed residencies on display in late 2018 and early 2019.

Quotes from Minister for Tourism and Culture, Lauren Moss

“The Territory Labor Government recognises the crucial role arts and culture plays in the NT.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our local artists to work closely with our cultural institutions, explore their collections and gain inspiration to produce new art works for the community to enjoy.

“Artists play an important part of sharing NT stories and facilitating a collaboration with these venues rich in art, culture and history will be a great opportunity for our community.”

Quotes from Creative in Residence recipient, Melanie Robson

“Using the culturally rich imagery of mapping, I hope to explore how we place ourselves in the landscape by engaging with both the collection and the community.

“Through the literal and metaphorical intersections and boundaries inscribed on place, and how we might find ourselves at home, or not, in the places we live, I’ll create a new body of ceramic works that give shape to the idea of Place, reflecting both my own and the diverse Central Australian community’s experiences and perceptions of place."


  1. Mel Robson, 'Precious Little', detail, 2005, Slipcast Porcelain with decals, 26 vessels 4cm x 3cm each
  2. Mel Robson with local clay, 2017

Media Contact: Trish Grimshaw 0401 119 242

Bios - Creative Residence Artists

Mel Robson, 'Precious Little', detail, 2005, Slipcast Porcelain with decals, 26 vessels 4cm x 3cm each

2017, Mel Robson with local clay