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The Territory Labor Government will deliver a $65 million Jobs Rescue & Recovery Plan to protect Territorians from the deep economic impacts of the coronavirus.

Our plan is all about keeping shops open, cash flowing and Territorians working.

We acted fast by delivering Australia’s first stimulus package last month – a $2 million Tourism Resilience Plan to protect tourism businesses and jobs.

Now we are going further to save jobs, protect businesses and keep the Territory’s economy on the road to recovery.

The best way to protect the economy is to save local jobs, not bring in deep cuts.

This is our second package and we are actively considering more options to support local businesses in the short-term and get Territorians spending more locally.

Our plan’s number one focus is jobs – protecting existing jobs and creating new jobs. The experts have told us the best way to do that is to get money into the pockets of Territorians that can be spent in local businesses – so that’s exactly what we are doing.

The Territory Labor Government will keep doing everything it can to protect Territory jobs, but we know we can’t do it alone.

We’ve been working with industry and small business owners to develop this economic package. And we will continue to partner with the private sector and NGOs to protect Territorians as much as possible from the impacts from the coronavirus. 

When times get tough, Territorians need to stick together and work together. That’s what we’ll keep doing.

All measures will begin within approximately two weeks and money is expected to be spent within six months. More information can be found out: 



$20 million Business Improvement Scheme

$5 million Business Structural Adjustment package

$5 million Immediate Works Grants Package 

Freezing Government Fees and Charges and Electricity Prices

 $30 million Home Improvement Scheme





In addition to the announced stimulus packages, the Territory Labor Government response to the coronavirus will operate, to the extent possible, under the following action principles:

  1. Our focus is on jobs NOT cuts
  2. Our approach is to work together with Territorians, the private sector, and Territory organisations - we cannot do this alone
  3. Our financial support needs to be spent, not banked
  4. Our public service will be responsive and flexible to requests for help
  5. Our contracting and procurement decisions need to be fast and fair
  6. Our employees will be encouraged to buy locally and holiday in the Territory
  7. Our sponsorship of events that have been cancelled or deferred will still be used to support that organisation’s work - as agreed/in negotiation with Government.
  8. Our employees will be encouraged to cash out their recreational leave and spend money locally

We will work with the private sector and Territory organisations to encourage their continued contribution to our economic recovery. This includes encouraging:

  1. Banks to be more flexible in their dealings with businesses, particularly in regards to loan repayments
  2. Landlords to reduce or defer rent payments from businesses
  3. The Federal Government to defer or cease FBT on entertainment
  4. The private sector to be more flexible in their contract arrangements with each other
  5. Local governments to undertake their own stimulus packages
  6. Federal Government employees to buy in the NT and holiday in the NT
  7. Federal Government employees to cash out their recreational leave and spend money locally


Quotes from Chief Minister, Michael Gunner

“I will do whatever it takes to save jobs and protect Territorians from the impacts of the coronavirus.

“We are investing in our people and our Territory businesses through the Business Improvement Scheme. This scheme is assisting Territorians throughout the Coronavirus crisis and beyond.

“This spend is literally about jobs, not cuts. This is about saving people’s jobs.

“We know we can’t stop the virus and we can’t stop the economic hit that’s coming, but we can make sure we’re still standing at the end.

“Cuts would kill our economy and kill jobs. Now would be the worst possible time to cut. That’s why we won’t go back to cuts.

“When times get tough, Territorians stick together.

“Right now we need to stick together and do everything possible to protect the economy and protect jobs.”


Media Contact: Gerard Richardson 0438 693 898