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Jobs Rescue and Recovery Plan: Business Improvement Scheme to Help Territory Retail and Hospitality

The Territory Labor Government’s $65 million Jobs Rescue & Recovery Plan is all about keeping shops open, cash flowing and Territorians working.

A big part of this plan is helping small businesses undertake improvements and changes to their shops to bring in customers and help them keep their staff in jobs.

The $20 million Business Improvement Scheme works by:

The purpose of the scheme is to keep Territorians in a job and reinvigorate premises to keep bringing customers in the door. Another option for businesses is getting help in adapting to the consumer change which is currently happening. This means getting businesses online or upgrading their online presence through the $5 million Business Structural Adjustment Package, while also helping local businesses who need to physically adjust their spaces to abide by the 100-person rule.

The Business Improvement Scheme is open to all Territory businesses which are:


Quotes from Chief Minister, Michael Gunner

“When you spend a dollar in the Territory, you save a Territory job – and in times like these we need our community to band together to keep our small, local businesses open.

“We are investing in our people and our Territory businesses through the Business Improvement Scheme. This scheme is assisting Territorians through this difficult period and beyond.

“Each eligible Territory business has the opportunity to undertake $30,000 of renovations which has a positive flow on effect. This spend reinvigorates businesses, attracts more customers, and keeps our tradies in work which means more money being spent in our local hospitality outlets.

“This spend is simple – it’s about jobs, not cuts. It’s about saving people’s jobs and keeping the doors of our small Territory businesses open.”


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