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The Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission

The Territory Government is today announcing the initial membership of the Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission.

The membership includes:

Membership will be finalised next week, including the selection of Co-Chairs.

A Green Paper on the Territory’s recovery – Operation Rebound ­– has been developed to help guide the Commission’s work.

Australia is going through a once-in-a-lifetime crisis right now, and the NT is not immune from its impacts.

But this can also be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Territory.

We are the safest place in Australia, back in business before the rest of Australia, with the best resources and the best people.

The Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission will be tasked with helping to write the roadmap for the Territory’s recovery – so we can be Australia’s comeback capital.

They will provide advice to the Government on:

The Commission has been asked to provide an interim report by late-July, and a final report in November.

To support the work of the Commission, the Government is also establishing Team Territory.

Team Territory will comprise several business, industry and community leaders in the Northern Territory. It will be chaired by Clare Martin and Dick Guit.

Team Territory’s task is to advise the Commission to make sure their recommendations can work for the Territory, and then advise the next Government on its implementation once the Commission has completed its work.

The existing functions of Team NT will also merge into this body.

The Terms of Reference for the Territory Economic Reconstruction, the Terms of Reference for Team Territory, and the Green Paper for the Reconstruction Commission’s work, Operation Rebound, can be found here.