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Creating Jobs and Protecting our Environment: Gamba Army Created

The Territory's natural environment is one of our greatest assets, and we understand that a strong economy relies on a healthy environment.

Today the Territory Labor Government announced an increased investment to combat Gamba grass and create a Gamba Army, which was highlighted earlier this year through the Territory Labor Government’s Covid-19 Operation Rebound Paper.

A Gamba Army will create around 45 jobs for Territorians and will provide targeted support in the prioritised areas of Litchfield National Park, Charles Darwin National Park and the Greater Darwin region. 

The Gamba Army is one part of the Territory Labor Government’s Gamba Policy to continue managing this noxious weed.

The approach will include:

The Territory Labor Government already invests up to $6 million a year on weeds management, including Gamba grass. We have established a dedicated Crown land Weeds Officer, boosted funding to Bushfires NT to support volunteer brigades, and constructed a new state of the art facility for Bushfires NT to improve our response to fires. 

This week also marks the release of the Northern Territory Government’s draft Gamba Grass Management Plan. The Plan outlines the requirements to control Gamba grass and establishes goals, objectives and minimum management requirements to reduce the risk and damage caused by Gamba grass - to view the plan and have your say visit

Quotes from the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, Eva Lawler:

“The Territory Labor Government knows that smart environment policy is smart economic policy.

“We know that more action is needed to mitigate and eradicate Gamba grass, and that is what we are doing through a coordinated and targeted approach.

“Our Gamba Army will provide targeted support in areas of significance and provide around 45 local jobs for Territorians to assist with stimulating the economy.

“Terry Mills and the CLP tried to remove firefighters from Humpty Doo Fire Station despite increased fire risk resulting from Gamba infestation and have no real plans to reduce and eradicate Gamba grass.

“Only a Territory Labor Government can be trusted to protect our environment, safeguard our water and manage our natural resource.”