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New Ministry to Lead the Territory’s Economic Recovery

Chief Minister Michael Gunner has today announced the members of the new Northern Territory Government’s Ministry.

The new Cabinet’s task is to keep steering the Territory through the coronavirus crisis and make the Territory Australia’s comeback capital.

This is a jobs-first Cabinet. The economic recovery team is spearheaded by the Chief Minister who will also be Treasurer, Minister for Major Projects and Territory Economic Reconstruction, and Minister for Strategic Defence relations.

Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison will lead a major jobs-focused ministry as Minister for Mining and Industry, Minister for Northern Australia and Trade, Minister for Defence Industries, Minister for Agribusiness and Aquaculture, and Minister for International Education.

These portfolios represent many of the Territory’s most important industries and our biggest job-creating opportunities for the future. They are integral to making the Territory the comeback capital.

Minister Manison will also continue to serve as Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services.

Natasha Fyles will continue as Leader of Government Business in the Legislative Assembly. She will also continue her excellent work as Health Minister, to help keep the Territory the safest place in Australia.

In continuing as Police Minister and Health Minister, Ms Manison and Ms Fyles will also keep serving on the Security and Emergency Management Sub-Committee of Cabinet, ensuring certainty and continuity during this public health emergency.

Minister Fyles has been tasked with working with the federal government to pursue opportunities for the Howard Springs facility to be a centre for national resilience, recognising the important role it has played during this crisis, as Minister for National Resilience.

In addition to these tasks, Minister Fyles will also take on a senior role in our economic team as Minister for Tourism and Hospitality, Minister for Major Events, and Minister for Racing, Gaming and Licencing.

The Territory’s tourism and hospitality industry is a fundamental pillar of the Territory’s economy and a massive job creator. It has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, and the Territory cannot have a strong economic recovery without a strong tourism sector. Minister Fyles is in charge of making sure our tourism industry helps lead our comeback.

Minister Fyles will also continue as Minister for Alcohol Policy, entrenching the ground-breaking reforms the Government has delivered in this area.

Eva Lawler will take on a super-portfolio as Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Minister for Renewables and Energy, Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water Security, and Minister for Essential Services.

Eva will continue to oversee our unprecedented infrastructure program which has supported thousands of jobs in hard times, while also driving the jobs of the future in renewables.

Paul Kirby completes the Cabinet’s economic recovery team as Minister for Small Business, Minister for Jobs and Training, and Minister for Public Employment.

Minister Kirby will also serve as Minister for Corporate and Digital Development, Minister for Veterans Affairs and Minister for Recreational Fishing. 

Lauren Moss will be appointed Minister for Education, Minister for Women, Minister for Youth, Minster for Seniors, and Minster for Children.

As part of their new responsibilities, Minister Moss and Minister Kirby have been tasked with ensuring there are training and job pathways for our young Territorians who are close to completing their education and entering an uncertain employment market in the middle of a global recession.

Selena Uibo will serve as Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Minister for Treaty and Local Decision Making, and Minister for Parks and Rangers.

While we made huge strides in our first term on delivering housing, jobs and justice for First Nations Territorians, there is still much more to do, and Minister Uibo will lead our work on Aboriginal advancement.

There are two new appointments to the Cabinet, selected by the Labor caucus today.

Kate Worden joins Cabinet as Minister for Territory Families and Urban Housing. Combining these two critical portfolios will help ensure information is shared more efficiently, and the teams can work closely together. This will deliver better outcomes for vulnerable Territorians and help make sure families don’t fall between the gaps.

Ms Worden will also serve as Minister for Disabilities, Minister for Sport, and Minister for Multicultural Affairs.

Chansey Paech joins Cabinet as Minister for Local Government, Minister for Remote Housing and Town Camps, Minister for Indigenous Essential Services, Minister for Central Australia Economic Reconstruction, and Minister for Arts and Culture.

Mr Paech will be a strong voice for Central Australia and remote communities in the Cabinet, and ensure the whole Territory is part of the comeback. He takes on responsibility our massive remote housing program – one of the Government’s most important commitments.

The Machinery of Government changes that will be effected as part of the new Cabinet reduces the number of agencies from 15 to 11. The combination of portfolios will ensure government works more efficiently and effectively for Territorians through swifter action and decision making, and delivers an estimated budget saving of $5 million.


Quotes attributable to Chief Minister Michael Gunner:

"Territorians have asked us to keep working for them and that’s exactly what we will do.

"This is the comeback capital Cabinet. Our job is to turn this once-in-a-century crisis into a once-in-a-century opportunity, and make the Territory Australia’s comeback capital.

"Our team has the right mix of energy and experience to keep controlling the virus, keep the Territory safe, and to put us onto the road to recovery.

"Putting the Territory first means putting jobs first. Our economic team are all focused on jobs.

"We will come out of this crisis with a jobs-led recovery. My team and I will keep doing whatever it takes to protect jobs and create jobs for Territorians."