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Providing Free Sanitary Products for our Students

This International Women’s Day the Territory Labor Government is making sure our students have access to essential sanitary products.

More than 8,700 female students are set to have access to essential and accessible items.

Female hygiene products are not luxury items; they are provisions that not all of our students may have access to.

The $40,000 initiative is set to commence in Term 2 in our government schools and will ensure that Territory students have the confidence that they will have access to these essential items.

Funding will be provided to all primary, middle and senior government schools to provide these essential items for students in emergency need.

Our schools play an important role in promoting a positive culture of equality and body positivity within their school communities, and this program is about making our schools more inclusive and supportive for all. 

The Territory Government acknowledges gender equality as fundamental to improving the lives of all Territorians. In 2020, the Northern Territory Government released the Gender Equality Statement of Commitment, and will be developing a Gender Equality Action Plan this year.


Quotes from the Minister for Education and the Minister Women, Lauren Moss:

 “The Territory Government recognises the importance of empowering Territory women and girls, not only on International Women’s Day, but every day of the year.

“We are making sure our Territory students have access to essential, free sanitary items.

“These items are not luxury goods – it is important we break stigma of sanitary items and normalise it, because needing a tampon or a pad is normal.

“International Women’s Day is an opportunity for us all to reflect on how far the women’s movement has progressed and to contemplate what is needed for the future. The Territory Labor Government acknowledges gender equality as fundamental to improving the lives of all Territorians.”


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