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More than 100 Suburban Homes with Reduced Flood Impacts

The Territory Labor Government has today notified more than 103 property owners in the Rapid Creek catchment area of their reduced impacts to flooding, following the release of updated flood mapping.

Due to work being undertaken and completed in 2019 at the Rapid Creek Catchment and stormwater detention basin there is now a reduced impact of flood for many Territory families.

Combined with other flood mitigation measures, the new detention basin will significantly reduce the impact of flooding on downstream properties, including:

Updated flood mapping was undertaken by the Territory Government in the Rapid Creek catchment using improved data and topography.

We have also introduced a streamlined process to reduce the administrative and financial burden of rezoning a property owner’s land under the Rapid Creek Flood Response Overlay, which includes waiving the application fee for a planning scheme amendment.

This is aimed to encourage eligible landowners that remain flood impacted (post detention basin) to redevelop their land to above the flood level, to reduce the risk and susceptibility of properties to flood and storm surge.

For more information on the updated flood mapping in the Rapid Creek Catchment area, visit


Quotes from the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics:

“Significantly this new stormwater detention basin, along with other mitigation measures, are ensuring that the impact of flooding on the community is significantly reduced to better protect Territorians and their properties.

“Following the delivery of the Marrara Detention Basin, our modelling has seen a reduced number of properties impacted by flooding in the Rapid Creek catchment area. Traditionally these properties used to suffer the impacts of heavy rain combined with high tides, which caused floodwater to back up into the creek and flood low-lying properties.

The new flood-mapping overlay provides increased confidence to residents living in the Rapid Creek catchment area.”


Quotes from the Local Member for Johnston, Joel Bowden:

“Residents in Millner needed a flood mitigation solution, the stormwater detention basin near the Airport is providing greater certainty during the wet season – this is a positive for the Johnston community.”